We are closed in person during Level 4 lockdown but we continue to ship all online orders, nationwide, every business day! We will not be doing cakes and/or cupcakes until level 2.

We’re open during Alert Level 3 (Online & contactless shop). 

We will be present at our shop on business days from 10am – 2pm and Saturday from 10am - 12pm to fulfill online orders and to decorate previously ordered cakes/cupcakes.

Our retail shop is not open for face to face purchases, but our online shop is 100% open and ready to go! Please choose and follow the below directions for the reason for your visit.


Under Alert Level 3 you won’t be able to enter our physical shop or make a face to face transaction (that includes a face to face conversation), but, you can enter this online shop, and shop your heart out!

All orders and payments must be made online during Alert Level 3. If this is not possible, please contact us on 0800 222 454 should you wish to place a phone order, in this situation payment can be taken over the phone.

We receive orders straight away, so we can have your order picked, packed and ready for pick up at the front door at our shop within minutes during Monday to Friday, 10am - 3pm. If you are picking up an online order, and you can’t see us from the front door, please call 0800 222 454 and we will come and bring your order to the front door. This option is free.

During Alert Level 3 will will continue to offer a courier service nationwide - please be aware that delivery may take longer than expected. 


Under Alert Level 3 we are open for cake and cupcake orders! Wahoo! How you obtain a quote, place an order and pick up your order will be different in this alert level.

Under Alert Level 3 we cannot host a face to face cake quote and you cannot place an order in our retail shop. We would love to create a cake and/or cupcakes for your upcoming celebration, so please choose one of the following options:

  1. Right here on this website you will find a range of cakes for all occasions. If one of these suits your celebration, then please place your order online, following the terms and conditions for that particular cake. We only require 24 hours notice for cupcakes. Each cake will have their own time frame associated, however, please contact us should you need a shorter time frame.
  2. Private message ‘The Cake Shop’ on Facebook – this is an easy option for a quick chat which also allows for the quick exchange of photos (very handy when talking cake design!).
  3. Call us on 0800 222 454 during Monday to Friday, 10am - 2.30pm and we can quickly and easily chat cake!
  4. Email for a quote or to place an order.

Delivery Options

Our normal courier options are available but please expect delivery may be longer than normal.

For any questions please email or call 0800 222 454.

Maggie & Brendon