Solid Quatrefoil Stencil

Solid Quatrefoil Stencil

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Our larger quatrefoil outline pattern is so popular that we created this reverse pattern smaller version for adding a contemporary overall pattern to your cake sides. The four-petal pattern measures 2.1cm and the alternate diamond pattern is 2.3cm for one icon and 10cm H x 35.3cm W overall. Precision cut from durable, 10 mil food-grade plastic.

Royal Icing
Place the stencil directly on the cake or ont the rolled out modelling paste. Hold in place with your hands or place dollops of royal icing to help hold the stencil in place, then spread the royal icing using a scraper or pallet knife evenly over the stencil.Gently pull off the stencil and admire.

Lustre dusts
Place on a cake that has been freshly covered with sugarpaste, roll over the stencil with a rolling pin, smear white vegetable fat over the exposed pattern, then using a soft brush, dust with lustre dust.

Spread melted chocolate over the stencil onto a hard chocolate surface but make sure the chocolate you are spreading is NOT TOO hot otherwise it will melt your chocolate base

Icing Sugar / Cocoa
Gently sprinkle through the stencil onto a cake top. The effect is awesome just with a light dusting.

Secure stencil in place and spray - experiment using different colours on different sections of the stencil.