Cake Craft Cake Lace - White 200g (Inc Glycerine)

Cake Craft Cake Lace - White 200g (Inc Glycerine)

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Boss Lace is the perfect solution for creating stunning lace designs & patterns on your cakes, cupcakes or cake toppers.

Instructions: Preperation of 100g product.
* Pour 56ml of water into a mixing bowl.
* Add 4tbsp. of Part1 (about 42g white compound)
* Mix well for a few minutes in a mixer
* Add a teaspoon of Part 2 (about 3g)
* Mix for 5-10 mins. until mixture is smooth
* Roll product on the moulds with a spatula ensuring product fills all of the mould grooves
* Any leftovers, refrigerate and use within 7 days

Drying Times:
The product air dries in 6-8 hours
Alternatively you can put the mould in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 70-80 degrees C. (Depending on Oven) Leave to cool (approx 10mins.) To remove lace, from the mould, turn upside down and start peeling from the corner while carefully holding lace down.

Product for decorative purposes only.