Surprise Money - Cake Kit

Surprise Money - Cake Kit

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Approx 11cm x 6cm.

Do you want to surprise your kids, grandchildren, significatn other or best friend with the most versatile and widely appreciated gift of them all: CASH? You can do it in style with our super cool surprise money cake kit.

Items such as: Paper items like notes, event tickets, and lottery tickets may be used but thicker items will decrease the amount of pockets the box can hold. You provide the cake and money. 

Surprise Box Kit includes:

  • Surprise Box: box and lid (color:clear)
  • 1 Plastic Roll
  • Birthday Cake Topper

*Roll Clip connects our compatible toppers with the money roll without the need for tape or ribbon. 

REUSABLE (except plastic pockets): Hand wash with a soft sponge and warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.