Girl Power Sprinkle Blend

Girl Power Sprinkle Blend

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100g or 200g resealable bag of personally blended Lush sprinkles containing a mixture of Jimmies, Confetti, Sugar Pearls, Stars & Sugar Rocks – A fun, girly blend to complete your design!

Colours in person may be slightly different from picture as computer screens can vary.

From time-to-time certain sprinkles may be out of stock with our supplier, to avoid supply issues on our end we may swap a certain sprinkle out within the blend, we will ensure the colour stays the same to match it as close to the picture as possible.


Allergens: Unless specified, all sprinkle blends will contain allergens such as gluten, nuts and animal products. Please read the full list of ingredients for the sprinkle blend you are purchasing.

Choking: All sprinkle blends contain sprinkles that could be a choking hazard to small children (and big!). Children under the age of 5 will need active supervision when consuming our sprinkle blends.

Packaging: Do not leave children unattended with packaging of any kind.

Expiry: Your sprinkle blend will have a 12-month expiry from date of purchase (although usually more than that). To ensure longevity, please keep your sprinkles sealed and out of sunlight to avoid colour fade.

Ingredients: Sugar, Maize starch, Corn starch, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Dextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Carnaubs wax (E903), Vegetable fat, E1422. Glucose, Emulsifier Soy Lecithin, non-hydrogenated palm oil, shellac,Glazing agent 904, E1422. May contain 1 or more: Black Cocoa Colours. Colours 153, 133, 122, 102, 110, 124, 100, 129, 124, 171, 172, 162, E555, E120, E127, E131, E160, E174, E120.