Cake FAQs & Cancellation Policy

Cake Delivery 
Our Naked Cake Range is sent by our standard courier to Auckland addresses only.
Decorated Cakes and Cupcakes are delivered to Pukekohe Central only (strictly within 5km of our shop) - cost $10.00
Please carefully read the cake/cupcake product description and adhere to the order timeframes. Orders are delivered between 9.30am and 11am Tuesday-Friday. We do not leave items unattended so recipient must be home to receive the item. If unsure a business address is always a good delivery option.
If you are not present on delivery, the item is bought back to store in Pukekohe to be picked up, the delivery cost will not be refunded. All on-line orders are payment by credit card only.
Ordering Times
Notice Required - Cupcakes 2 full business days , Signature Cakes 3 full 1 week, Buttercream and Drip Cakes 2 weeks.
Cake Flavours
All our cakes, cupcakes and icings are made on premise with the best ingredients and free range eggs - guaranteed delicious, no pre-mix's here!
Flavours - Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Carrot, Red Velvet, Banana. Cakes and Cupcakes shown on website list which flavour they are available in to order on-line. For any changes to the flavour shown on website please e-mail us at
 for a custom quote.

Icing Types
Icings - Swiss Buttercream, American Vanilla Frosting, Cream Cheese Icing, Chocolate Ganache. We match our Icings to suit our lovely cakes, cupcakes and occasions. Cakes and Cupcakes shown on website list which icing type they come with. For any changes in icing types shown on website please e-mail us at
 for a custom cake quote.
Custom Cake Sizes and Prices
For all custom enquires please e-mail
. Please let us know the below information with your e-mail so we can give you an accurate quote.
-Name and contact details.
-Date of function.
-Type of cake - Photo's
-Flavour or Cake.
-If you have a budget please let us know, where possible we can provide alternative options if your budget and design do not suit. 

Payment and Bookings
All on-line orders require full payment by credit card to be processed. In-store orders require a $10 refundable deposit to book in your cake or cupcake order this can be done with cash, eftpos or credit card in-store. 
Please note: We cannot process your order without a deposit and if you are having your cake delivered full payment is required 2 days before delivery.
Cancellation Policy
(Effective October 2020)
Due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and the unpredictable nature of changing alert levels, we have updated our cake and cupcake cancellation policy to the following:
For orders made more than 1 week prior to the pick up date we will only accept a $10 deposit. The remaining balance can be paid the week of, or at pick up.
If, due to COVID-19, we change alert levels and this means we have to close our shop, or your event is postponed or cancelled, we will postpone your order to another date that works for the both of us (we need 1-2 weeks notice for the new date). If you wish to cancel, that is also fine - we will refund your $10 deposit.
If you insist on paying more than a $10 deposit, then in the event of a change in alert levels, and your event is cancelled or postponed, we will postpone your order for up to 12 months, the amount you have paid can be used on any cake or cupcake order within 12 months, we however, will not refund your order. If this is a problem then we would prefer you follow our preferred policy of a $10 refundable deposit.
The financial impacts of refunding all cake orders due to COVID-19 has been hard on our small business so this is a way to minimise the negative financial impacts of any future lock downs/changes to alert levels.

Open times for pick ups
We are open Monday 9am-3pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-4.30pm and Saturday 9.30am-1.00pm for all cake pick-ups. Cakes must be kept cool and flat on transportation. For stacked cakes it best to bring extra help to hold on transportation. It is advisable to take your cake straight to the premise if possible. Cake transportation and storage instructions are given on pick up with your order. 
Cake Size and Portion Size
Cake Diameters
6" - 15cm
7" - 17.5cm
8" - 20cm
9" - 22.5cm
10" - 25cm
11" - 27.5cm
12" - 30cm

Round - Finger Serves  
6"- 16 finger serves
7"- 22 finger serves
8"- 30 finger serves
9"- 40 finger serves
10" - 50 finger serves
11" - 65 finger serves
12" - 80 finger serves

Round - Dessert Serves 
6" - 8 dessert serves
7" - 10 dessert serves
8" - 14 dessert serves
9" - 16 dessert serves
10" - 18 dessert serves
11" - 20 dessert serves
12" - 22 dessert serves

Square - Finger Serves
6" - 35 finger serves
7" - 45 finger serves
8" - 60 finger serves
9" - 80 finger serves
10" - 100 finger serves
11" - 120 finger serves
12" - 140 finger serves

Square - Dessert Serves

6" - 10 dessert serves
7" - 12 dessert serves
8" - 14 dessert serves
9" - 16 dessert serves
10" - 18 dessert serves
11" - 20 dessert serves
12" - 22 dessert serves